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Santa Jim's Carving Gallery

 Here are some of Santa's carvings . . .

Magnolia Carving
Magnolia In Bloom
This magnolia is carved from a wood called 'tupelo' which comes from the swamps ofLouisiana.  This wood is extremely tough and can be carved very thin to create the delicate leaves and petals of the magnolia.

Flower Carving Sunflower Carving

Rustic Sun
This beautiful sunflower was designed for a client displaced during the Katrina storm in New Orleans.  Her hobby is growing beautiful sunflowers and wondered if I could create a lasting thing of beauty for her.  Here is the result.

Cougar Carving Cougar

Cougar On Rocks
This cougar was carved from one piece of basswood.  The fir is created using carving methods along with woodburning.  All my carvings are hand painted.

Cowboy Carving Front View Cowboy Carving

This guy was carved from basswood.  It's a bit whimsical and looks like he had a rough day ... or night.

Man in Car Carving
Olds 442

This was carved from basswood.  It was carved for the daughter of this man who has a prize Olds 442 and given to him for Christmas.

Dolphins Carving
This was carved from mahogany and attached to a piece of driftwood.